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Network Security

Network security is an overarching term that includes specially designed solutions to protect the integrity and usability of your organizational network. A robust Network Security solution is entrusted to protect both the hardware and software technologies deployed in your organization.

An effective network security strategy includes multiple layers of defence, each layer enforcing a set of security policies to keep your organizational network away from hazardous proliferations and data loss.

The reliance on technology is multiplying with each passing day, and so is the apprehension to secure every aspect of online information and data. As the networks take over the organizational ecosystem, data integrity and security become the top-notch priority. The robust network security system offered by Databytes prevents businesses from the risk of falling victim to data theft and sabotage. 

With a supporting hand from industry experts and maintaining the international standards of network security measures, we protect your organizational network with Firewalls, antivirus scanning devices, content filtering, intrusion detection appliances, and a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system to offer complete security. 

We support you in protecting your workstations from harmful spyware and ensuring that all your shared data is secured.

  • Security at the transport layer, application layer, and network security for businesses.  
  • Networks are prone to attacks with growing numbers of workstations.  
  • Servers, software, hardware, and other protocols need high-end protection. 
  • An unsecured network is always at risk in today’s internet world.  
  • Prevent unauthorized access, authentication layers for safe networks.
  • Only network security can help organizations from lethal viruses.
  • Databytes will closely work with you for your network security solutions.  
  • Besides Telecom and Hardware Databytes will secure your IT assets and Infrastructure.  

Cloud Security

Cloud computing security or cloud security, as the same suggests, is the procedures securing the cloud computing environments against both external and cyber threats. Today cloud mitigation is an everyday phenomenon. Cloud security solutions are thus designed to tackle the many challenges of cloud computing, such as lack of visibility by losing track of how your data is being accessed and by whom.

In addition, multitenancy poses another challenge to security for those choosing the public cloud environment. They house multiple client infrastructures, and your organization’s data hosted in the system may be compromised by malicious attackers.

Cloud security has become critical since most organizations use the Cloud in one form or another. As a reliable IT infrastructure partner, we provide you with cloud security solutions so that you can put your mind at ease and keep all your cloud assets safe. Security is the biggest concern of all organizations who are considering adopting the cloud model. It’s a shared responsibility of the customer and the service provider depending on what services you use.

At Databytes, we help you reduce the risk for your cloud assets. Cloud is a significant part of the digital transformation, and we keep the fastest route to detect threats and data loss and help you gain visibility and control.

Get cloud security support from industry-leading expertise with the best-in-class prevention, detection, and response to threats or unapproved access or use.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • With our security solutions, we help organizations adapt to the cloud model without the fear of data breaches & data loss. 
  • We understand that your company data is critical and thus apply a vigilant workforce for the required gatekeeping of all your enterprise’s information.
  • We at Databytes keep our clients updated with the latest solutions for Cloud Security.
  • There are new threats every day and we ensure you stay updated to secure your critical information.
  • We provide our clients with all the required tools to deal with identified security threats.

End Point Security

Endpoint security implies securing end-user devices like desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other IoT devices. The endpoints or the end-user devices define the digital perimeter of your company. They act as points of access to your enterprise’s digital perimeter or network and with the potential of being exploited by malicious actors. 

Every endpoint is vulnerable to attack, and thus endpoint security strategy is crucial for your business. As more devices become a part of your network, and remote working becomes the new norm, the chances of infiltration rise high. But the prevention of any such unnecessary infiltration is made possible by observing and informing about the abnormal traffic or domain beforehand so that your digital assets are away from any attack.

Your workplace is changing quickly. More devices are being used at work now than ever before. Consequently, endpoint security or device security such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices have become exponentially crucial. Endpoint security prevents malicious actors and campaigns from targeting the entry points of end-user devices on a network and guards against cybersecurity threats.

Data bytes offer your workplace a sturdy endpoint security solution as the volume and complexity of threat increases with the increasing number of devices to manage. With experts from the field, we help you detect, evaluate, block, and contain any plausible attack. 

No more compromise with your network and end devise security! With Databytes, all your business information is guarded thoroughly!

  • We help you eliminate the concerns of “loss of business” with an adequate strategy of defence against the various ransomware, hackers, etc. 
  • We offer the right solutions with centralized management to monitor, protect, investigate, and respond to any suspicious traffic.
  • We help our clients with the need for system hardening and additional software and spyware to ensure the system and information are secure.
  • We at Databytes provide you with solutions such as DLP, Anti-Virus, Encryptions, Network Access Control, and other functionalities basis on your requirement including, MDM solutions to have greater control on applications in smartphones or bring your own devices (BYODs). 

Data Security

Data for an organization is a critical asset, and thus enterprises across the globe are investing in strengthening their IT infrastructure and cyber security capability. Data has a more significant business value than it ever had. As such, the unravelling of trade secrets or intellectual property (IP) can compromise the future profitability of your organization.

Data protection solution involves defence against attacks that can encrypt, destroy, or corrupt data. It includes data masking and redaction of sensitive files, should report to streamline audits, and adhere to regulatory requirements.

The Databytes team assists you with solutions designed to protect all your critical business data from mishandling and unwanted access. We help you secure all your large volume of files from deletion, viruses, theft through authorization, authentication, encryption, data backup, and more. With our expert partners from the industry, we keep all the vulnerabilities and threats detected and defeated.

Your business depends on crucial data, and you can rely on Databytes for your organization’s assets to be safeguarded firmly. We simplify protecting your enterprise’s sensitive data in the most complex cases. We offer you complete control over any possible incident with preventive detection and response to protecting your organizational interests with solid security. 

We help you optimize your investment with industry-standard solutions as your trusted partner for IT infrastructure. 

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • We keep an eye for the present and the threats of tomorrow with evolving technologies, for your company’s data security.
  • Databytes will understand your data protection and compliance needs and help you address them with the right solutions with simplified management.
  • We help customers to respond to any plausible threat efficiently by providing customer solutions by expert security solution providers. 
  • We offer a comprehensive security strategy to help you undermine the loss of valuable digital assets with a combination of standardized tools and procedures.
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