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User Devices

User Devices such as headsets, webcams, dock stations, facilitates the employees to achieve optimum experience in their virtual or physical meetings.

With the increased adoption of WFH headsets and webcams have become a must-have device for communication and virtual meetings. These User devices are essential to equip your workforce efficiently. In addition, with remote work being a regular part of professional life, several meetings are conducted in an organization virtually.

Organizations need to support their employees with quality tech infrastructure and impact the productivity of all the interactions. Ensuring that all the user devices are continuously meeting the needs of your employees & business objectives with high-performance is now more critical than ever.

Databytes give you a complete solution for you and your company’s virtual meetings. We help you tick the checklist of all the equipment essential to make your virtual meeting space professional and accomplished. We help you with a wide range of user devices and the right features for your organization’s use.

Not only do we supply the devices, but we also evaluate the most effective solution and support you with the technical setup and additional support as and when required.

  • Experience our wide range of Bluetooth devices and webcams.
  • Multifunctionality devices that are compatible with your Microsoft Teams and Zooms calls.
  • Bluetooth headsets devices with premium voice quality and noise cancellation features.
  • Our simple monitor mount webcams with the best video quality and low light performance.
  • Solutions that are best for deskbound calls. 


The boardroom is the critical area where crucial decisions on the growth and performance of the organization are taken. Thus, boardroom participants must be able to see, hear and communicate clearly without any technical disruptions. 

It is crucial to install the systems and component that supports your organization to conduct your meeting successfully and contribute to the productivity of the time invested. 

Your boardroom is also about impressions. Investor meetings, operational briefing, or training, having modern boardrooms equipped with the latest collaborative tools for meetings is essential. Boardrooms today are not just discussion rooms but have now become serious corner spaces where strategic decisions are taken.

However big or small, offices have now begun to understand the advantages of boardrooms and the importance of having them. Thus, Databytes works with you to evaluate your requirements and ensures the appropriate set of arrangements is put in place.

We understand that the boardroom and its functionality reflect your organization’s identity. Therefore, our endeavours are directed towards delivering a flawless boardroom experience.

  • Designed and implemented with lighting, display size, wireless presenters with the best conferencing applications suitable to your offices.
  • Equipped with the latest collaborative tools for meetings. 
  • Option to utilize the spaces as multifunctional rooms for various office interactions.
  • Get a rich virtual meeting experience alongside saving your travel time and cost.
  • Effortlessly sync your Zoom or Microsoft Team with our certified equipment’s.

Meetings Rooms

A well-equipped and well-managed meeting room are quintessential to present you and your company more professionally. In addition, the internal teams and departments within your organization require a place to huddle and discuss shared data, presentations, and project planning.

Thus, the meeting rooms are critical spaces and must have offices for quick interactions, synchronize and faster decision making. One of the most significant advantages of meeting rooms is that it offers a more business-like environment and supports in establishing genuine connections and interaction amongst the attendees.

A meeting room gives you the right atmosphere to take care of business while making a good impression at the same time. Unfortunately, connecting multiple devices often makes you lose course of content during presentations, hence underlining the need for having good meeting room solutions.

We help you with your meeting room space with a wide range of features and services that are hard to beat. Whether you’re hosting a team discussion, a workshop, or a high-end meeting with clients, we go the extra mile to ensure the room is equipped with everything your meeting requires.

Databytes, will enable you with the latest technology equipment and ensure your meeting is successful. Our team works in unison to aid you with super-fast Internet, connectivity, equipment for a presentation, and more.

  • Connecting multiple devices with ease without any hassle.  
  • We help you deploy cost-effective, cost-efficient, and collaborative meeting rooms.  
  • Equipped with high definitions displays, mic systems, and wireless presenters or cable managers. 
  • We maintain the aesthetics of your meeting rooms, ensuring sound cable management systems.  
  • Premium meeting rooms, with attention to the most minor details. 

Display Panels

Digital technology is constantly and rapidly transforming business interactions, collaborations, and communication. The transformation is exponentially visible in the way people operate in an office space and how the meetings are delegated daily.

The display solutions improve the utilization of meeting rooms, and these displays are intended to make work-life seamless. In addition, the best displays are easy to link with your laptops and wireless presenters and help you create an impressive first impression of your company by displaying an easy-to-read overview.

The benefits of installing the displays in your conference room or boardroom are several. First, these digital displays are a must-have of the modern-day office, from enabling you to collaborate with partners across the country or even the globe to supporting you in making the meetings more engaging. 

Databytes aid you with the installation of the high-quality display solution and empower your meeting room technologically, eventually helping you in business-building results for your organization.

We help you upgrade your meeting rooms with efficiency, engagement, and participation to create a convenient and workable solution for your team’s collaborative and interactive needs.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • Data bytes offer you a choice of high-quality commercial displays for your meeting rooms.   
  • Seamless installation and professional tech support by the team.  
  • Accessible pairing facility with other devices.   
  • Elevates the collective viewing experience of every participant in the meetings.

Display mounts

Although the world is moving towards a more virtual setup for regular dealings, the requirement of physical infrastructure and support hasn’t been diluted yet. In fact, the virtual space only functions at its best when supported by the proper infrastructure. Display mounts are one such property essential for the office boardroom environment.

These display mounts are movable trolleys ideal for office environments. Depending on the need, they provide flexibility to move the displays panel anywhere in the boardroom or outside. These display mounts are height adjustable with both manual and hydraulic options. The well-designed structure offers stability to the display panels and is ideal for TV viewing and presentations.

The sturdy built of structures secures the display panels safely and adds to the elegance of your meeting or boardrooms. The adjustable nature of these mounts is helpful in their placement anywhere in the room, and the strategic cable management allows a tidy appearance.

Databytes help you raise the convenience and impression of your meeting room with premium quality products. Our team identifies your requirement and then suggests the right option to support your needs. 

We offer you a choice of quality products so that you can conduct your meetings without any disruptions. Along with your workspace, we capably take care of your physical workstations with our best efforts. 

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • Data bytes customize the display mounts based on your need to place the Unified Communication devices.
  • We also offer inbuilt cable managers to accommodate connectors to maintain office aesthetics.  
  • We support you only with high-quality products to make your interactions and presentations better. 
  • The display mount at your service is easy to install; our support team is always there to back you up for installations and more.  


Meetings will never be the same; executives keep moving, move over, and professionals want to connect from anywhere in the globe and in real-time. Not to mention this is now possible effortlessly and with just a click. Collaboration enables all the teams of an organization to work together on a single platform in the boardrooms.

The boardrooms are not just another space in your office. Hey evolved into real-time workspaces from the former discussion space and more serious solutions. The modern boardrooms are powered by a whole new set of collaboration tools and technology. These collaboration tech and tools enable smooth presentation and data sharing.

The Microsoft Team Room, for example, is designed to give all the participants in the meeting an inclusive and reliable experience. Cameras can easily frame the room and zoom in to focus on the active speaker. The audio devices are also designed to capture the voices with clarity. These collaborative tools have enhanced the meeting experience by many folds, and those are just a few of the prominent features.

Whether you are working from home or office, Databytes helps you with the audio-video integration with the platform, whether it is Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, or Google meet. Our primary mission is to equip your workstation with the best technology so that you can focus on your company’s growth.

You can now record and archive the meeting details without disrupting the flow. We help you support a flexible work model in your organization as per the trend where both your onsite and remote participants can join and communicate seamlessly.

  • We use all Microsoft-certified devices for seamless integration.  
  • Our MTR-Microsoft Team Rooms solutions will give you an enhanced experience of meeting, presenting, and real-time discussions between people inside and outside the boardrooms.  
  • Data bytes would design and implement a sophisticated collaboration solution suitable for your room size.  
  • Our support team is always to acquaint and upgrade your workstations with the latest technology. 
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