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Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is the technology that shifts your business phone system to the cloud. While everything is moving to the cloud, why not telephony. It allows your organization to manage business calls smartly without compromising cost and quality.

Cloud telephony is adopted by businesses to ensure scalable and reliable access to unified business communication without setting up infrastructure while increasing the caller experience.

A call centre solution and BPO solution that enables the companies to store their entire database in the cloud with easy control and quick access. It also offers a range of solutions such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to-call, missed call service, outbound calling, and more as required by your company.

Databytes help you break the barriers that traditional phone systems have. With our cloud telephony solution, we help you and your business streamline communication irrespective of the size of your company.

We are partnered with experts from the industry to offer you the solution that your company needs to adopt innovative and uninterrupted communications.

  • We help you with a quick setup; all you need is a computer and internet connection, and you are ready to start. 
  • Databytes help you seamlessly integrate with all leading CRMs in the market.
  • We help your company to communicate without revealing either party’s contact details. 
  • We help your organization create communication touchpoints based on your customers’ actions.
  • With cloud telephony, you can also automate processes and do away with a lot of manual labour and time to reach out to multiple parties.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 became a popular choice among businesses as remote working became the new normal. Many enterprises choosing Microsoft’s SharePoint online to host the intranet is enormous. The familiarity and range of benefits become the right platform for businesses, whether working from the office premises or remotely.

Office 365 provides a cloud-based platform to businesses and enables secure access to organizational data anytime, anywhere by any device. This stands as a significant advantage, especially for the organizations that have employees both onsite, at home, or remote or office locations.

As a complete platform, Office 365 supports intra organizational communication effectively with the much-needed collaboration through emails, social networks, instant messages, data sharing, online meetings, and more. Its prominent feature of allowing the teams to work on shared projects and share information with external partners makes it a suitable option.

At Databytes, we help you with all the requisites of IT support to adopt the Office 365 solution if your organization is looking to either replace or implement a system. We help you accelerate your enterprise’s journey towards a modern and tech-relevant workplace.

We offer Microsoft 365 business plans and help you construct your own efficient remote or onsite workspaces to scale and grow your business and collaborate seamlessly with internal and external parties.

  • We help you identify the right plan for your business.   
  • Our team of experts sets up and configures the solutions according to your needs.
  • We offer your assistance throughout our association to support your team with technical support.
  • We help you migrate your data and applications securely and easily to your new setup.

Zoom meetings

Communication is the for any business, and companies now require a top-notch voice and video solution plan to support their strategic work daily. The intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-manage solution has made Zoom meetings the instant favourite for virtual meets across the globe. 

Zoom serves organizations of all sizes and industries owing to its flexibility to fit any user count and budget. Its simplicity and easy-to-use interface simplify managing virtual meetings from any part of the globe and aid in managing time and enhancing the productivity of the interaction.

Zoom has appeared as the solution for every space and has made remote communication convenient and timesaving with its easy-to-use features for every user. Its business plans are equally attractive and profitable for even small-scale organizations.

At Databytes, we help you adopt and deploy the Zoom platform for your organization to collaborate better for business efficiency. We help you accelerate your enterprise’s journey towards an advanced tech workplace requisite for the modern-day business landscape.

We help you deliver equitable meeting solutions for the home office to the boardroom. Our team enables you to set up every space for meaningful collaboration in today’s dynamic work environment.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • We help you set up and manage the platform seamlessly in your workstations.
  • Support your dispersed team with the modern communication solution and keep your team ahead in their daily collaborations. 
  • We help you choose the plan with the best value to the return on investment. 
  • Our team of experts works with agility to support you in integration or any other future requirement.

Google Workspace

Google has taken over the world long ago, and no wonder its business solutions are only helping the enterprises benefit more. For example, Google Workspace helps the business build a smart team and leverages collaboration and communication with ease. In addition, Google Workspace gives your organization more control and more features.

Google Workspace benefits organizations with true digital transformation, including innovatively supporting hybrid and remote work environments.

The consumer plans of Google Workspace are tailored to support your business requirements with complete storage and data access without the unwanted intervention of external parties. It allows you to use branded emails through Gmail Client, store and share unlimited files via Google Drive, and collaborate instantly.

Databytes help you choose the right plan and upgrade you to the consumer plan that is flexible and innovative for your employees and organization to achieve more. We help you move toward the future of workspace with tools enhancing productivity and collaboration for your team.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • We help you evaluate your organizational need and choose the right plan, to be cost-efficient.  
  • Help you switch from your existing setup and migrate your data.
  • Keep you upgraded with the latest settings and technology for your team’s better performance.  
  • Offer you tech support during the setup and aftermath to help your team work swiftly. 


Cloud storage is becoming vital for businesses of any kind, no matter the size. Whether you are a company with many employees or not, keeping your work files and documents secured is crucial. Unfortunately, the instances of businesses who have lost work in progress or even completed work file that was not backed up in the cloud are far too many.

In this rapidly emerging world, organizations’ usage of cloud storage has turned out to be a common phenomenon irrespective of the levels starting from micro to large. Cloud storage allows users the ease to access their data from anywhere and anytime. 

In the modern days, when your teammates are functioning from remote locations or are on the go, it is not possible to store data on local storage such as hard drives. Thus, the usage of the cloud eliminates the need for robust and carrying the local storage devices almost wholly.

Databytes offer you the best cloud storage solution to ensure all your data is secured and stored well. In addition, we help you with real-time syncing, multiple device backups, support for older file versions, and data retention if deleted accidentally.

We help you and your team to conveniently deal with your organization’s critical data at every point without any unwanted intervention.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • We offer you an array of the best cloud solution to choose from.
  • Our team helps understand your exact requirement and budget to fixate on the most suitable plan.
  • We allow you to set up, store, sync, and secure your crucial data without any difficulty.
  • Our team is available at your dispositions 24/7 in case of any technical support.  


If we look back in time before the advent of cloud computing, businesses relied upon a composite of hardware and software to run the business. However, in the current times, the complex and expensive process of the whole team securing applications installing and configuring the hardware has been cut down with the latest technology.

With cloud computing, the business can store and access data over a network in a data centre. Cloud computing offers a company of every size a high level of flexibility. With the remote working arrangement, cloud computing becomes more of a necessity as it allows the organizations to do away with the need to purchase and install equipment and upgrades onsite.

Cloud computing also improves workplace flexibility, as your teammates and customers can access applications and data on a remote server off-site, with an internet connection, anywhere and at any time. Cloud solutions also enable small businesses to conduct business conveniently and scale their infrastructure and defend that growth.

Databytes help your business adopt the modern approach to handling long-running business needs with the latest cloud computing solutions. We help your business with reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions without setting them up any physical device.

With our experts, we deploy the best cloud computing services for your business and help you scale up your business in a tech-advanced business scenario.

  • Whether you are looking for a public, private or hybrid cloud, we can help you develop and execute the best strategy.
  • We help you manage your cloud infrastructure, data, and applications, securely and efficiently.
  • We help you with a comprehensive cloud computing solution.  
  • Databytes support you to scale and migrate your application workloads to the cloud with ease.
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