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A switch (or network switch) is a small device that centralizes communications across multiple connected devices in a local area networking (LAN). It determines every packet’s destination and source addresses and forwards data only for those devices.

High-performance network switches still have wide use in corporate networks, data centers and other areas. Ethernet switches are the most popular type. Different network switches can support different numbers of connected devices. This allows you to add more devices to your LAN.

With our range of switches, you will see that network operations are simplified with easy mobile and web apps. This allows you to manage your network seamlessly.

The compact form factor that delivers predictable performance is ideal for small-to-medium sized enterprise deployments. Additionally, superior traffic visibility helps identify security threats faster and speeds up problem resolution.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • We supply both managed and unmanaged switches basis your business needs.  
  • With us you have the advantage of connectivity with the supply of hardware required for its termination.  
  • We will configure, manage, if need be, for both layer 2 and multilayer architecture.  
  • Databytes has partnered with the best OEMs to meet your IT requirements. 


A router connects two or more subnetworks or packet-switched networks. It uses an internal routing list to efficiently direct packets. To determine a packet’s destination, the router first reads its header. Then it consults the routing table to find the best path. The router then forwards the packet on the following path.

There are two broad categories of routers that we can see being used which are wired and wireless routers. However, there are many specialized versions of routers available as well. For any business looking to make use of routers, several factors need to be taken into consideration such as connectivity, bandwidth, security, flexibility, and more. Of course, a lot will also depend on the size and complexity of your organization.

Our compact form factors provide predictable, fast performance ideal for business deployments of all sizes. Routers for enterprises with VPN support along with integrated services from Databytes, protects against malware, phishing, and other threats.

Here is what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • Databytes would make it convenient for your organization by providing internet lease lines and supply routers based on your requirement.  
  • Our team of professionals will deploy and configure it for you.
  • You can also opt for managed internet lease lines where we supply the router along with the internet.  
  • With this, we actively monitor your internet, keeping you away from the trouble of raising service requests in case of outages.  
  • Our objective is to provide ease of manageability so that you can focus on other important aspects of your IT infrastructure.  
  • Databytes has partnered with the best OEMs for supplying routers.  


Due to Increased threat of cyber threats, firewalls have become an important part IT Infrastructure.

Firewalls are a network security solution that protects your network against unwanted traffic. They are designed to block malware that has been programmed into the network. This protects users, devices, and applications from being unauthorized to enter a protected environment.

Firewalls are essential for monitoring and filtering all traffic. This includes outgoing traffic as well as transactions and online transactions. The network firewall scans traffic between external sources and the local area network (LAN) or traffic moving within the network. They are installed at the perimeter or network segment to provide a first line for defense.

With Databytes’ firewall services your security posture can be unified across all cloud-based firewalls, including private, public, and virtual ones. Gain visibility and control over your encrypted traffic and applications environments. Our best-in-class threat intelligence will help you see and detect more. Not only is it cost-effective but also integrates network, micro segmentation, and app security.

  • Databytes is partnered with all major OEMs.
  • Packet filtering, application/proxy or a hybrid firewall, no matter what you need, we source the best in industry hardware and software to keep your infrastructure protected.
  • We help you secure your data and information from external threats. 
  • With us, you get connectivity and all the associated hardware to always remain functional. 


A server in computing is a program or device that runs on a computer and provides functionality to clients, which can be other programs or devices. One overall computation is distributed over multiple processes or devices.

Services are a variety of functionalities that servers can offer, which can be used to share data or resources with multiple clients or perform computations for clients. Examples of servers include mail servers and print servers and file servers, web servers and application servers.

Computer networks can support one or two servers specialized in handling specific tasks. Server software, which coordinates hundreds or thousands of clients, requires more robust hardware than computers intended for consumers.

Not all businesses have the same network demands and need various servers for various purposes. That is why you can rely on Databytes for our versatility to handle a variety of virtual and physical workloads. We tend to strike a balance between processor, memory, and I/O to address workload issues and offer modular servers, high-density, high-availability, and storage-optimized in nature.

  • From small businesses to large enterprise workloads, our team of specialists will understand your server sizing, the OS that you need that helps you make decisions.
  • We understand your authentication and licensing requirements are can support deploying them depending on your requirement.  
  • Ensuring performance, flexibility, and scalability.
  • We offer multiple classes of servers that are critical for your business operations.  
  • At Databytes, we support you to complete your data center needs. 

Network Racks

Choosing a safe, reliable network and server racks is important in an enterprise set up be it a small, mid-sized or large.

Network racks are metal frames that hold, stack, organize, secure, secure and protect various hardware devices and computer networks. They are needed to store all the network equipment safely and effectively. Without them, the cabling could look messy.

Because network racks can store multiple components in a small space, it makes it possible to make the most of your storage space. They are essential for the safety of all equipment kept inside. Racks are required to improve the health of the network equipment that is stored within

Now, your business stays as efficient as you desire. Databytes will provide you with energy efficient server racks for your data centers depending on your server needs.

  • We offer server racks of all kinds beyond basic functionality.
  • Made with best quality metals, together with safety and security.
  • Meant for server applications, data centers and network applications. 

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling can be described as an infrastructure consisting of more minor, standardized elements. Without the same, you could experience longer downtimes or poor connectivity.

It will not only make your aesthetics look neater and more organized, but it can also support your basic connectivity. These network cabling solutions can be used to support future technological advancements at work.

Databytes understands that a well-organized business network is essential for productivity and growth. We offer cost-effective products and installation services and help you quickly accommodate any new additions or changes. This will ensure that your network has improved performance, which in turn means increased productivity.

  • Network cabling turns out to be a mess affecting your efficiency if it’s not structured.
  • We, at Databytes, treat network cabling as a discipline.  
  • Be it your access control, your CCTVs, Voice, Data, Wi-Fi access points and patch panels.  
  • We integrate your floors and different blocks into your network infrastructure.  
  • With us, you can make your data center, work area, meeting rooms and boardrooms look organized. 


PBX is an acronym for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. It’s a private telephone network that companies and organizations use for communication between employees and clients.

This switching system allows for internal and exterior stitching functions within any organization. Your employees in the office and outside, and their diverse roles, need a communication system that gives you flexibility to connect from anywhere. EPABX systems are essential part of communication infrastructure of SMEs and large enterprises.

Databytes is one of India’s leading telecom service providers due to our expertise with communication devices such as IP EPABX systems. With our comprehensive features, a welcome message is available for new callers, and personal voice mailboxes are available for those who wish to make calls.

Employees can use extension numbers, direct dialing (DID), directory URIs, or directory-based calling. You can increase productivity by using messaging, file and screen sharing and complete meeting capabilities.

Here’s what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • Our IP-EPABX is a part of the Unified Communication Solutions we provide with which you can seamlessly integrate into intra-office and outside office calling.
  • With our solutions you can turn your office extension to your mobile and remain connected when required.
  • We offer you complete voice solution deployment including your telecom connectivity, PBX installation and system side cabling which other requires different service providers for each scope.  
  • To overcome geographical constraints, our solution will enable you to bring your multi-location offices under a single platform thus achieving operational efficiencies. 

IP Phones

IP phones, also known as the VoIP system, take telephone conversations and route them through an IP phone system. The analog voice signals of an individual are read by IP phones, which then convert them into digital signals. These digital signals are then transmitted to a wide line as data.

Your business must be able to meet the demands of many users in today’s global 24×7 economy. IP telephony is revolutionizing communications due to its wide-ranging features. It is a must for contemporary offices because of its superior voice quality and given it’s the latest technology in voice communication system.

Databytes has an IP Phone to meet every organization’s needs. Our extensive portfolio of industry-leading endpoint solutions makes it easy to communicate and collaborate. From the lobby to your executive suite. From a start-up to a well-established business.

Here’s what you get with the Databytes experience:

  • IP Phones are part of our Unified Communication offerings in both hardware and softphone models.  
  • Easy integration with you LANs to support your inter office calling.  
  • Supports remote working and flexibility to scale up quickly.  
  • Easy to install and configure, Databytes gives you complete voice solution.
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